10 apps that make you earn real money.


10 apps that make you earn real money.

From what you pay to drive to those with which to sell their photos, there is something for all tastes and budgets
The applications that pay you are born. It is not an exaggeration but a direction towards which many mobile software developers are looking. Strengthened by the success of the pioneering apps, those that in the wake of the coupon mania have brought economic benefits not only in the wallets but also in smartphones, the new generation applications do not stop at the discount offer, now taken for granted, but go further, ensuring a real gain in cryptocurrency (which then clears into real money via PayPal).

From Viuly, the video sharing platform in which the authors sell access to their content, earn from advertisements and allow the viewers to earn prizes and points-to-coin, until the news appeared in the NY Daily News at this time according to the as a Harvard student is about to launch QuietCoin, the app that pays the users if they turn off the smartphone, the mobile is increasingly connected to the pay.

In reality, an app with which you earn a cell phone not turned off but still there was already: it is called Hold and is aimed primarily at students to limit their distractions during class hours.

Just activate a timer and, for every twenty minutes without a touch of fingertips on the display, you will yield a point. The points become good to spend on the market embedded in the application (affiliated sites, some stores through QR Code). Born in Norway a few months ago, Hold is already becoming popular in both the Scandinavian countries and in Great Britain.


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