The 21 Most Reliable Apps to Earn Money Online with Your Smartphone.


The 21 Most Reliable Apps to Earn Money Online with Your Smartphone.

Here’s a certain fact: use the phone an average of 6 hours a day.

What if I monetized this time?

We thought that a great way to make money is to start making money with apps directly from your smartphone, which you always use and always have at your fingertips. Well, here you will find a list of apps with which you can start earning using all the “dead times” of the day.

After the article, you will have 19 different possibilities to start making money while shopping, on the subway, waiting for the medical examination .. In short, any situation in which you usually spend time scrolling through the Facebook wall from today can be monetized.

That’s how.

Apps to earn online without skills.

Nielsen Panel: earn money without doing anything
Do you want to start earning using your mobile phone as you usually do?

paid surveys – make money with your mobile phone

Simple: just download the new app of Nielsen, surf with your mobile phone as you usually do, and in the meantime earn points to be converted into fantastic prizes.

The data are collected in a completely anonymous, Nielsen is the most important market research company operating in Italy and the seriousness of the company is not to be questioned. Suffice it to say that every month Nielsen distributes prizes worth € 335,000.

To participate you must simply register online by clicking here, download the app that will be reported to you when you sign up and use your mobile phone as you already do now.

The only negative is that the seats are limited and the registrations will close in a few days.

Bidoo: get your favorite products from € 0.01
Bidoo is an auction site that allows you to bring home fantastic products starting at € 0.01, and this week gives € 10 bonus.

I’m talking about products such as smartphones, televisions, Bose headphones, tablets and many high-value products that you can win at a super discounted price.

The operation is very simple:

You sign up for Bidoo by clicking here.
Choose the product you want.
Score the amount you are willing to spend starting at € 0.01.
Receive the product at home.
If you register today you can also enjoy a € 10 bonus to start winning the products you prefer.


Google opinion Reward
The answer to short surveys that will be sent to you once a week or so and you will receive up to € 0.75 in Play credit.

Click here to download the app.

Invest in trading apps.

eToro: invest automatically by copying the strategies of the top traders
It is the app of the most popular community of traders in the world. Thanks to eToro you will be able to watch, follow and copy investors who profit the most from trading operations. With this application, the world of investments becomes accessible to anyone, even those who have no experience and can automatically copy the professionals (read here our guide step by step). eToro also allows you to start with a minimum deposit of just $ 200 (around € 160 at current exchange rates).

Moneyfarm: make money work for you, entrusting it to a team of experts
Moneyfarm is the platform that provides an internal team of financial advisors and allows you to invest online by choosing your risk profile. All without moving from home, monitoring everything from the app on your smartphone and even starting with small digits.

We have chosen it, and we have been using it for years, basically for 3 reasons:

It is profitable: of course, past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but from 2011 to today with an average risk profile you would have earned more than 5%, for a total of + 37.7% in 7 years.
It is appreciated: their customers (thousands, including us) have the satisfaction of 99%.
It is an award-winning service: they have been evaluated for 2 consecutive years as the best Italian financial consultant by experts from the German Institute of Quality and Finance, Corriere Economia and Business and Finance.
Register and get money from the experts of Money form, an investment plan customized to your needs.

IqOption: the app to learn how to trade from € 1
This app has been awarded as the best application for trading online across Europe. This is because IqOption is accessible to everyone both for ease of use and for minimum investment, in fact, you can start investing even only € 1. Subscribe now for free to the DEMO version, try to manage your investments and learn from the webinars made available to you, soon you will be ready to invest your savings and start making money with online trading.

Earn money with buy-sell apps.

Sell what you do not use anymore
The easiest and most intuitive way to start making money is to sell items that you no longer use. Today instead of the flea markets there are several online possibilities that allow you to create a sales and in a few minutes and geolocate it to find only buyers near you.

There are many apps, all organized in different categories: from cars to bicycles, from electronics to toys. So whatever you have at home or in the attic can have a second life and bring you a profit.

Earn money with social media.


If you have a passion and you like to share it with your friends know that you could start to monetize it immediately. For example, if you like cooking, your friends know well about your cooking skills, you could advise them to buy an appliance or a recipe book on Amazon. Through the affiliate link, the portal will recognize a% of each sale that you have brought from your posts. Here you can find all the information for affiliates.


Do you like posting photos of your favorite outfits? Know that, in addition to the satisfaction of the like for every photo published, you can also start making money quickly and easily.

Thanks to the affiliations you can report to your followers the links of the items you wear: Zalando and Yoox recognize you a% of the sold for each user who sees your outfit, click on the product and buys it.

Earn money with the apps that commission you chores.


The app that allows you to earn by doing jobs to find thanks to your smartphone. Streetspotr allows you to geolocate and view the micro-job requests closest to you. What are the jobs? Very simple requests, such as taking pictures of a product in a supermarket, checking a restaurant’s menu or checking that the accommodation rented for your holidays reflects the description of when you booked it.


Also, in this case, they are chores, but the required tasks are paid for by the brands you use every day. In fact, you are asked to photograph a specific product in your pantry or to tell how you choose your afternoon snack.


Another app that allows you to make money with small chores, in this case, it is a quest for which you have to use only the camera of your smartphone. These jobs can be requested at home, on the street or even in the shop. Connect to the app, geolocated and you will see all the requests for missions available right next to you.

Make money daily.

In this case, the request for jobs is easier and passive: every day you will find notifications on your account that will invite you to download an app, respond to a questionnaire or maybe watch a video in exchange for money that will be paid directly to your account Paypal.


As well as the app just described, Sephiroth allows you to earn money by looking at advertising: watch a video or download an app and you will be recognized a cash reward paid directly to PayPal.

Earn money with apps for discounts and gifts.

Klikkapromo – Crazy for offers.

All in one app: from the coupon to the supermarket offers, thanks to Klikkapromo you can save up to 50% on your spending. Just download the app for free, sign up and check the offers, once purchased the product, entering the proof of purchase, you will begin to accumulate points that you can change into shopping vouchers, gasoline or phone top-ups.

You fruit.

It is the shopping app that allows you to receive a cash reward when you buy your favorite products. Just consult the app and you will discover the products that will recognize your money at the time of purchase. This is not about discounts or shopping vouchers, but unlike the other apps, we are talking about money. The operation is very simple: download the app, choose the products in the window, after buying them in your supermarket of trust you just photograph the receipt with TiFrutta and you will be recognized the reward on your Paypal account


The free app reserved for members of the Bennet Club, allows you to play “scratch cards” after entering the data of your receipt.

Free Discounts & Free Gifts It allows you to discover coupons and discount coupons published by various companies but also allows you to receive free samples taking advantage of the various promotions.

Free samples.

The app of the homonymous site that offers champions tributes of many famous brands. The application was created to develop a community interested in the free samples. In fact, by registering for free you can access all the promotions on the site, in addition you can also become active by reporting in the news section of discounts, promotions or free samples that have not yet been reported, you will receive points for this activity (0, € 10 for each photo posted).

As you can see there are many possibilities: from trading to surveys, from jobs to savings. You just have to choose the app to earn more suited to your needs or discover these 7 incredible ideas to make money.


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