5 apps that will help you earn money online in your free time.


5 apps that will help you earn money online in your free time.

You already know that there are apps that do not only serve to entertain you, to photograph, to call: there are very interesting to improve your performance at work, to keep your most important passwords, to keep fit, etc.

Today we are talking about 5 killer apps that you do not know yet and that will help you to earn in your free time, without committing yourself to working hours and without any effort. We do not promise that by downloading these apps you will be able to make a fortune; but surely, if you use them constantly, they will allow you to have some good discount or some extra online offer!


1. Expensify

The first rule to save money is to pay attention to costs. This is why we meet Expensify, which allows us to save all our expenses directly by photographing your receipt and entering the amount of the expense.

2. Foap – sell your photos

How many photos are taken by the smartphone every day? If you are a fan of photography through your mobile phone, with Foap you can earn something by selling them directly to those interested.

3. AppCasher

If you have a lot of free time and do not mind trying new apps, AppCasher is for you, with this app you can try for free apps in exchange for Amazon, iTunes, money to transfer to PayPal or other discounts you can spend online.

4. Google Rewards

This application is very simple, the only thing you need to do is respond to any surveys based on your interests. In return you will have coupons to spend on the Google Play Store, then in additional apps for your smartphone.

5. Quack! messenger

Through this messaging app you can chat normally with your friends but in the meantime, you will receive some advertisements that do not block the normal functioning of the app. At the end of the month, you will see how much you have earned and will be paid by Paypal.


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