5 tips to disconnect a whole day from your smartphone.


5 tips (and a game) to disconnect a whole day from your smartphone and find yourself.

What to do to hack some of our unhealthy habits to live better.
recharge. We need a break.

The pause allows us to slow down and understand how we are living – and therefore managing – our life. It is a question of habit.

These habits are becoming less aligned with some of the most important goals we want to achieve, both in private life and in professional life. We need to go beyond the comfort zone and hack some (unhealthy) habits to live better.

Digital Detox does not mean eliminating digital from life but finding the right measure in life. For this reason, it is correct to speak – also – of Digital Balance.

Digital Balance – the result of my experience of coaching in companies – helps to enhance the potential of people, who find the energy and productivity deep, without distractions.

If last year in Italy on February 22nd was the Day of Unplugged Day, this year it is the United States that shows this need to disconnect (at least for a few hours a day) from devices and technologies with the National Day of Unplugging. Here are some tips to put into practice in this period.

Digital balance

1. Reduce or delete notifications.

Try turning off notifications from the apps that most distract you. Those apps that are invasive and that take away your energy.

Group these applications in a folder that you will place on a non-initial screen. This will make it less “simple” to see notifications as soon as you unlock your smartphone and then open the app.

This process will also help you to distinguish between those apps that are essential for everyday communication and those that are a useless distraction. It starts now.

2. Observe the habits.

Today if you find yourself with a few minutes of inactivity – on the bus, tram or while waiting for the elevator, for example – this can be used to listen to the emotions/feelings that are behind the habit of taking the smartphone in hand.

Watch whenever you pick up your smartphone. Ask yourself if it really is necessary.

Try to find some moments of the day in which you can manage the “separation of the smartphone”.

For example, identify areas / times when the smartphone can stay away from you for a period, even short. For example, during meals, or while walking, or even while you’re in the car.

Above all, listen to “what you feel” in this separation. Do not judge. Be only present to your emotions. Maybe write them down.

Digital balance

3. Moments of focus/meditation.

In the era of distractions, it is essential to manage the attention in the day to rebalance concentration levels. In this way you will give yourself the best chance of reaching your full potential, at home or at work.

Taking time to practice meditation during the working day is essential. It makes people fresh and concentrated, and therefore more productive.

“How to do?” you are wondering. Book now a “slot” in your calendar just for you. At this time you can slow down your thoughts and calm your mind.

4. Digital netiquette
Be present and stop hiding behind the digital.

I think it’s important to recognize that multitasking is a (false) myth. If you try to listen to a colleague and send a message to another friend, you are not listening to him completely. If you try to have a meeting and half is with the smartphone in hand, it probably will not be such a nice meeting.

Try to find some moments of the day when you can talk with friends and family, for example during dinner or for half an hour before going to bed, without a smartphone. Take care.

5. Eliminate the fears.

The greatest fear of many people to approach the Digital Detox is that others will not be able to reach them. If you are ready to make the leap of an entire day or a weekend of total offline, put in place a “security protocol”, make sure that family, friends, and colleagues know that you will not be online. At least a few days before, send emails and messages.

To facilitate the task, consider leaving your smartphone to a trusted family member or friend who will know how to reach you if something really urgent comes up.

At work? Activate the answering machine by communicating that you are “out of the office” and for urgent communications can refer to the following number;)

A game to try right away for Digital Balance
Now that you have arrived here, I propose a challenge for you today, trying in some way to celebrate a day of disconnection from the devices among us.

Here some kings throats of the game.

Disconnect and completely avoid social media. If necessary, delete your phone apps for the duration of the “day”.
Do not read news online. Buy the newspaper if you really want to keep yourself informed.
Do not use the internet for entertainment. Do not surf the web, YouTube, no blogs, newsletters etc. You can watch TV/movies streaming as exceptions.
Drastically limits the use of emails. Log in at least every 2 hours and if you can control only from a smartphone.
Write down every time you try to take the smartphone in your hand and write the feelings/emotions that you live in that moment.
Take back your life, regenerate and restart. The time to relocate to the center of yourself has arrived, distracting distractions and rediscovering your happiness.
It is about living carefully. We find space and time for the things we love and we eliminate everything that distracts us from them. After all, life is where and how distractions arise.


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