Just install free apps and start working to earn money home.


Just install free apps and start working to earn money home.

Money-Giving App: 11 Free Applications to Download
App to earn money? You will surely have heard of the possibility of earning directly from your smartphone.

Just install free apps and start working remotely to bring good and even money home.

But how does it work exactly? What are the applications that allow us to earn money?

In this article we will talk about this possibility, we will see together what are the most famous applications that allow us to earn and how they work.

How do you make money from your mobile phone?
It will seem strange, but it is really possible to earn money directly from your smartphone! It will be enough to know the right applications that, in general, allow you to have access to the following advantages:

purchase vouchers that you can use in chain stores and supermarkets;
good for the fuel of the car;
Amazon coupons;
allow you to request real money.
Obviously it is not about earning a full salary, but, in any case, they allow you to earn money in your free time, while remaining comfortably seated at your home, or while waiting at public offices, or on transportation and so on.

Now let’s see what are the applications that you can search directly on the store of your phone to earn money without risk and without deception.

What are the applications to earn money from the smartphone?
Among the most famous applications that allow users to earn money from the smartphone, we find those mentioned later in the next paragraphs.

1. The eToro App for Trading Online.

Does the online trading world fascinate you? Today it is possible not only to operate on the web but also from smartphones or tablets, taking advantage of the financial markets to start seeing interesting results.

The best app is certainly that of eToro, a world leader in social trading, which, with a very easy to understand platform (here is my review), allows you to invest on the main Italian and international companies by copying the strategies of the best traders.

Compared to other apps that make you operate in solitude and without adequate support, eToro allows you to do copy trading: with the app you can follow the strategies of the best Italian and world traders, taking advantage of their winning strategies to achieve good results.

Obviously, you are not exempt from the risks deriving from such a complex activity but, if the sector fascinates you and you want to study and deepen the opportunities it offers you, you can use this platform that, together with good theoretical training, can represent an excellent tool to start.

2. With Bidoo purchases with discounted prices: 10 € bonus.

Bidoo is a very interesting application because it allows you to buy products at prices much lower than the market.

The company is based in London and has developed a platform where users compete for the auction with products starting at just 0.01 €. Each raise is only 1 cent, the value of the products at the end is therefore very low and in fact, most of them are purchased at discounted prices.

For you it is an excellent opportunity to earn money because you can buy things that can come in handy saving you a lot: for new members, Bidoo provides a bonus of € 10 that you can spend to participate in the auctions that interest you.

With Bidoo you can win PCs, televisions, smartphones and gift certificates.

3. Paid Surveys.

Let’s now move on to a less risky and decidedly less demanding solution than we have seen before.

Surely you will already be aware of the fact that you can earn money online simply by answering small surveys.

In fact, many companies do market surveys, creating questionnaires that you can answer by earning money.

The basic operation of these sites provides that, responding to surveys, accumulate points and earn money directly on PayPal.

If you really have an interest in earning surveys, here are the main sites operating in Italy that I have tested and selected for you:

Nielsen Smartphone and Tablet – Thanks to Nielsen you can earn up to € 5 a week by downloading the app and installing it on your mobile device. The opportunity only concerns smartphones and tablets, so register with your device and start earning money immediately;
Toluna – With 21 million members, it is one of the largest communities in the world. Collaborate with companies such as Amazon, Alitalia, Zalando, Mondadori and Decathlon and allows you to earn by testing products and responding to surveys;
Bidoo – The well-known online auction portal can be a good opportunity to capitalize on your free time: by registering you participate in auctions with a very low starting point and a rise of just 0.01 cents. Up for grabs, there are rich prizes like the latest generation of TV, tablet or smartphone. For new users there is a bonus of € 10 that can be spent on auction credits: with the bonus, you can make as many as 1000 bids by trying to immediately win the one that most interests you;
Zalando Privé – It is not really a survey site but I recommend it as an idea to round up saving a lot of money on clothing, shoes, and accessories for both adults and children. You can subscribe even if you are not a Zalando customer by accessing the exclusive area with discounts and promotions of up to 75% on very expensive brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Prada, and Geox;
LifePoints – Join a community of 5 million members and accumulate points by answering surveys where you can win the best rewards. Upon enrollment you will receive 10 Bonus points immediately;
SurveyPronto: international survey panel that gives you 5 dollars for sign-up bonuses. It’s very easy to sign up: you can do it via your Facebook account or via an e-mail address. Your answers are remunerated with cash prizes;
Consumer Panel – Community with over 30,000 subscribers answering questions about major companies. Points are converted into prizes in consumer goods.
One of the advantages of many of these sites is that you can easily respond to surveys from your smartphone by downloading the relevant app.

In practice, they also function like the applications we talked about above.

4. Earn money by investing in real estate from your smartphone.

The Internet is a revolution in every sector and even finance, of course, has been invested.

If 10 years ago they told you that you could invest in real estate around the world while you were comfortably at home, on the sofa, with your smartphone or tablet, in all probability, you would have laughed.

Today, however, all this is possible and is within everyone’s reach: it is called real estate crowdfunding and it is an extraordinary opportunity that I feel to present you in this list of solutions to earn.

With real estate crowdfunding you can participate, via smartphone, pc or tablet, to hundreds of operations all over the world with an incredible series of advantages:

minimum investment: only a few hundred euros are needed (and not hundreds of thousands as in the traditional market) to participate in transactions with other investors;
you do not have to leave the house: your presence on site is not necessary, by means of a platform you can access projects in the main Italian, European and world cities;
super simplified bureaucracy: you do not need to fill in too much paperwork, you just need to register with the platform;
the platform that acts as guarantor: the projects are approved and guaranteed by the platform that respects the most ù strict rules set by the Italian and European authorities.
If this perspective interests you and you have some money to make profitable, keep reading that I give you more details.

Real Estate Investments Online Starting at € 50
The Internet has revolutionized many sectors including real estate. Once it was impossible to invest in real estate in several cities by distributing capital on many transactions, today it has become easy and just a click away.

Thanks to Housers, a platform born in Spain and active throughout Europe, it is possible to participate in real estate transactions across the continent with just € 50 minimum deposit.

How does Housers work? The investment methods are 3:

Investment: actively participate, with the money you pay, in the construction or renovation of buildings that will subsequently be put into income or resold;
Savings: make a loan on a real estate project and receive from the first month the interest from the rental or sale of the property itself;
Fixed rate: the real estate development company corresponds to the interests proportionate to the complexity of the transaction.
If you want to invest in the brick thanks to Housers you can do it with a small amount, just 50 €. For this reason have defined the revolutionary Housers project, as it makes real estate investments accessible not only to those who are rich but also to those who have very small sums available.

5. Earn from your purchases with HYPE – € 10 bonus.

Hype is much more than just a prepaid card because it offers many advantages for its subscribers. One of the most interesting features of its app is that of the offers section where you can find discounts and promotions of the most famous brands such as Zalando, Intimissimi, Groupon, Booking, Skyscanner, Volagratis.

The app has a special section called “Offers” where you can find all the discount coupons and the most advantageous offers of the moment divided by category.

This is a really smart way to make money because in addition to receiving discounts and promotions from these brands you can also enjoy a return in a percentage of what you spend: cashback.

All you need to do is:

Activate Hype Free by entering the GIFT10 code to receive € 10 bonus;
Download your app;
Check periodically the offers section;
Adhere to offers directly from the app;
Earn a percentage each time you buy.
This feature is much appreciated by those who travel a lot and those who do a lot of online shopping because in addition to receiving exclusive discounts you can see back a share of what you spend.

In addition, with € 10 bonus, you can start trying immediately the best offers available in the app.

6. Take part in prize competitions.

Would you like to win prizes in shopping vouchers or even real goods? Thanks to the prize contests you can try your luck through your smartphone in just a few minutes.

Large companies periodically provide their customers with products or shopping vouchers through contests: all you have to do is register for free and hope to win.

Nobody can guarantee victory, but since it does not cost you anything, it can be a good opportunity. Here are the active contests now:


Win an Apple Product (iPhone X, iWhatch2, iPad Air2)
Win a Samsung Smartphone
Win a Canon Camera

Win the New 500L
Win the New Golf
Looking for tips to make money on the web?

7. Spotlad.

It is an application that allows you to earn money simply by watching the commercials.

In fact, with this app, you can earn fifty cents every ten minutes spent watching the advertisements.

You can request payment once you have reached the 5 euro budget. The only bad thing about this application is that not all companies know it, so the advertisements to watch are not many.

8. Jobber.

With this application, you can do small jobs and earn money. This is made possible by the geolocation of your smartphone, in fact, just installed the application you will present a map in which your position will be recognized.

Just on the map will highlight the points of interest closest to you where you can do these jobs and be rewarded in cash.

On average for each job you can earn two euros, therefore, before making a commitment we suggest you evaluate if the game is worth the candle, for example, if it is worth earning two euros also taking into account any movements and the difficulty of the work to do.

Earning online is possible

9. Foap.

This is a very famous application that allows you to earn money by taking photos. In a certo sensor is very similar to the famous Instagram, but, unlike it, with Foap you have the opportunity to sell your photos, on average $ 5 for each.

To sell your photos, however, there must be absolutely original and must exceed a rating of 2.6 out of 5 total points.

10. Gym-Pact.

This application allows you to earn money by doing physical activity. In practice, on the app, you will find goals to be reached, for example eating whole fruit and vegetables, or running for a predetermined distance.

Once you prove that you have achieved your goal, you will be rewarded in cash with a payment that can go from 30 cents up to 5 euros per week.

Be careful, however, if you do not achieve the set goals you will have to pay money.

11. Quack! Messenger.

It is a completely innovative application with which you can earn money talking to your friends. It has the same graphics as WhatsApp and the functions are similar too, so it’s not difficult to use it!

The gain is made possible that, while you talk to your friends, you will see advertising and, on average, you earn about 3 euros a month.

You can also increase your income by making your report as an ambassador to a friend who has just joined. In this way, you can take advantage of 5% of your friend’s monthly earnings!

As you can see it is very low earnings, but if you think about the time you spend with your smartphone, it is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

It is sufficient to look for one of the applications you prefer and try to enter this world.

As you can see the world of applications and sites that allow you to earn money is getting bigger and bigger!

You just have to choose the application that best suits you to start earning real money or bonuses for your Play Store.


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