Can you really earn money with the apps? We did an experiment.


Can you really earn money with the apps? We did an experiment.

Is it true that you can earn money with smartphone apps? We decided to check it out in person, testing six apps for four weeks and answering the question: how much money can you make in 30 days?


Almost in every pocket, almost in every bag, almost every hand hides a smartphone. We use it to do a thousand things and we rarely part with it. When this happens, usually due to an oversight, we feel helpless and confused.

The companies have understood that, from this attachment, a new way of promoting products could be born. So they began to pop out dozens of apps that promise to give you money (real or in the form of gift certificates for major e-commerce sites) in exchange for small tasks to perform, such as installing apps, watching videos, photographing products in stores.

Another strand to earn with the smartphone is that related to photographs: you can sell your app through the app to companies that need it, with different modes, pulling up a few euros (sometimes, if you’re good, even discrete sums).

But do these apps really work? And if so, how much time and effort is it necessary to invest in?

To answer, Markus, Maria, Samuel, Daniel, Sebina and I each chose an app. We used it for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. And in the end, we pulled the sums. earn money with the apps to download the apps.

The apps we have chosen
The criteria for choosing the apps to be tested were diffusion, popularity among users (user rating high) and the practicability of what is required to do to get the rewards.

The apps we have selected are therefore the following.

Markus Markus: CashPirate – The tasks you are offered are different, including downloading free apps, testing games, completing forms and watching videos. Each operation earns you points. When you have 2,500 collections, you can redeem them.

The app pays you in CashPirate icon good gifts and money, of your choice. If you opt for money, you will be charged to your PayPal account. If you invite friends to use the app, you are credited with 10% of their “earnings” and 5% of the color that they in turn invite.

Markus tried CashPirate for 30 days. Here is his story.

Download CashPirate for Android

Maria-BaetaMaria: AppBounty – You download free apps, he pays you. This is the promise of AppBounty. Again, inviting new people to join makes you earn credits. To be precise, 250 each new user.

You get paid in gift certificates from Tunes Store, Google Play, Amazon, subscriptions to Minecraft servers, Xbox Live points, and PlayStation Store, Steam cards.

For problems with the app, there is an email address that you can contact.

Maria tried AppBounty for 30 days. Here is his story.

Download AppBounty for Android

SamSamuel: WHAFF – This app rewards loyalty. What you are asked for to get money or gift certificates is not only to download the sponsored apps (the download already gives you a certain amount of points) but also to use these apps and not to delete them from the smartphone.WHAFF.  earn money with the apps for better life.

Each of these actions (or “inactions”) earns you points. When you collect a certain amount, you can convert them into money recharges on your PayPal account or in Amazon, Facebook, PlayStation Store, Google Play, Xbox and Steam vouchers.

Download WHAFF for Android

DanielDaniel: Nexercise – With this app, you gain by doing exercise. The activities planned are not only those exquisitely sporting: in the list are also included the house cleaning, the games with Xbox Kinect, the dance, the work in the garden and many other non-conventional exercises. Nexercise

As usual in these apps, each activity earns you points, which you can then turn into vouchers for many real and online stores, or give to charity.

Download Nexercise for Android

Download Nexercise for iPhone


sebinaSebina: Gym-Pact – With this app, you decide every week a goal to be achieved in terms of exercise. If you do not honor the deal, you will have to pay the money you have, so to speak, bet. If instead, you succeed, you will receive a cash prize. Gym

Even eating healthy foods earn points (you have to send photographic evidence to the community). A somewhat special motivation technique, but it’s worth trying it and sees if it works.

Download Gym-Pact for iPhone

Download Gym-Pact for Android

Pier Francesco PiccolominiPico: Foap – A service with a good reputation that allows non-professional photographers to sell their shots to companies.

It works like this: you upload photos, (minimum size 2048 × 1536 pixels), which before being able to be placed on the market must be voted by the community. Foap

If the average score is 2.5 out of 5 minimum, the shot becomes part of the Foap database. Interested companies can thus find and buy them. You earn 5 euros for each photo sold, and as many earn Foap.

The developers of the app recommend, to increase the chances of success, to upload many photos. For the test, however, I decided to use 20.

I tried Foap for 30 days. Here is my story.

Download Foap for iPhone

Download Foap for Android

The only way to believe? Try out!
When we installed the app to start trying them, we did not know what to expect. And in the end, each of us had a different experience: who was satisfied, who was disappointed and who, it was to be expected, has taken some anger.

But on one thing we all agreed: if someone promises you something, you will never know if he tells the whole truth until he puts his promises to the test. We hope you find our experience useful!


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